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July 2005

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Featuring the Graphic Novel Darkwatch

Contents:Cover by Aaron Habibipour, Sergio Paez, Yves Couturier, Isabelle Chen, Mauricio Hoffman, Mario Kim. Art Direction: Farzad Varahramyan

6. Galactic Geographic by Karl Kofoed
9. Gallery on Lucio Parrillo
14. Dossier by S.C. Ringgenberg
18. Body-Building by Authemen
21. Mudwogs #4 by Writer/Artist Arthur Suydam
30. Caveman by Tayyar Ozkan
33. Darkwatch - Story credits: "Innocence" written by Chris Ulm, Paul O'Connor - Produced/Edited by: Aaron Habibipour - Layouts by Philip Tan - Art by Brian Haberlin, - Lettering by Haberlin Studios
69. The Last Battle Art & Story: Carlo Bocchio, Translation: Marzia Borino, Colors: Maurio Balloni
80. Roadside Service by Nate Van Dyke
92. Trenches by Damascus Mincemeyer
102. A Mother's Love by Josef Rother and Eckart Breitschuh
114. Petra's Tale - Story: Eric James Kraus, Artwork: Steven R. Cobb
123. Planetary Archives: The Romans by Corcal, Chevillard and Palenstijn

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