1979 - 07 July (Very Good Condition)

July 1979

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Table of Contents for July 1979

Page Title Credits
0 Cover - Night on Bald Mountain Richard Corben
Rick Courtney
7 New Tales of the Arabian Nights Richard Corben
Jan Strnad
16 The Great Trap #3 Denis Sire
23 The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius Moebius
25 Stingaree, Eight Belles Gray Morrow
33 Citizens Beware Mark Fisher
40 The Bus Paul Kirchner
41 ...Rears! Its Ugly Green head Neal Adams
Michael Hinge
51 Zooks Vaughn Bode
56 Ecch! The Young Gnome Nicholas Yermakov
Roger Stine
60 Shelter Chantal Montellier
65 Telefield Sergio Macedo
73 Atilla the Frog Don Lomax
78 Down Deep Stuart Nezin
84 Starcrown John Pocsik
92 Only Connect Alias
98 Back Cover - A Boy Named Sue Caza

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