Metal Pesado #1

Metal Pesado #1

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The World_s Leading Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine is Now Available in an all-new Spanish Language Edition!

After nearly 40 years, the brand that brought the most prolific European creators in comics stateside will make history again, with the release of Metal Pesado #1!

Working with Mexican editor R.G. Llarena, we have packed this premier issue to the gills with the top talent south of the border! Featuring Oscar Bazal, Bef, Alberto Calvo, Omar Est_vez, Abraham Mart_nez, Axel Medell_n, Moramike and much more, fans have their choice of Heavy Metal #275 or Metal Pesado #1! This Cyberpunk meet Magic Realism summer special issue is available here in two languages for the first time ever!

This special landmark issue features cover art by Jos_ Quintero

Heavy Metal Co CEO, Jeff Krelitz writes: "for almost the last 40 years, Heavy Metal has been foreign comics' ambassador to the United States. We are thrilled that the Spanish speaking latin market has welcomed us with open arms in the form of RG Llarena and his amazing stable of writers & artists. After we saw how amazing the work coming out of Mexico, Central America and South America was, we felt it was time Heavy Metal gave the latin market a localized version in Metal Pesado."

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