Elegia-<b> Deluxe Edition</b> (Artbook)

Elegia - Deluxe Edition Artbook (Signed)

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by Saverio Tenuta

Tenuta currently lives in Rome together with Aiorgia, his life companion, and Fandral, their bunny. In his studio, surrounded by books, canvasses, brushes and backbones, he writes and draws comics co-ordinated by said bunny. He also teaches at the "Scuolo Internazionale di Comics" in Rome, where he's known to have tortured the young new generations of Italian cartoonists for the past ten years.

For further information about Tenuta, go to www.saveriotenuta.com

80 pages, full-color art book.
The Deluxe Edition has a Dust Jacket and a signed and numbered tip in plate
An Exclusive Limited Edition Heavy Metal Book

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