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Wind of the Gods
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Wind of the Gods

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By Adamov & Cothias

This sumptuously illustrated graphic novel is set in pre-Meijii Japan, and recounts some famous folk tales of the Samurai. Full of honor, corruption and great deeds of derring-do. _ It is a 13th century tale of court intrigue and battlefield valor in Shinkoku Nippon. _ Tchen Qin, a samurai of the all powerful Lord Oshikag departs his home with twelve companions to quell a band of rebel peasants. Yet his mission is hindered by the ambitious infighting of his comrades, and the mysterious appearances of a one-eyed peasant possessing skills and knowledge far above his station. Who is he? The reckless Kai challenges Tchen Qin's authority to drag his fellows into a long pursuit that results in tragic ambush, and the ascendancy of Bushi Kozo, a shadowy, ambitious would be advisor to Lord Oshikaga.

64pp. Hardcover

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