Heavy Metal Magazine Issue 310B
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Heavy Metal Magazine Issue 310B

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In this issue:

Juan Giménez & Richard Malka's "Segments" concludes!

An interview with Jim Shooter who reminisces about the time Marvel Comics tried to beat Heavy Metal at its own game... and failed.

A new episode of David Erwin's Vasator & Crunch!

New installments of Steve Orlando's "Starward," George C. Romero's "The Rise," Ron Marz' "Swamp God," Matthew Medney's "Dark Wing," and Brendan Columbus' "Savage Circus"!

And the penultimate chapter of Ryan K. Lindsay & Sebastian Piriz' "Black Beacon"!

(W) Various, Juan Gimenez, Richard Malka, George C. Romero, Ron Marz, Ryan Lindsay, Matthew Medney, Dave Erwin, Sebastian Piriz, German Ponce, Diego Yapur (CA) Francesco Ciampi

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