Best of Virus Bundle
Best of Virus Bundle
Best of Virus Bundle
Best of Virus Bundle
Best of Virus Bundle
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Best of Virus Bundle

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It's the Best of Virus Bundle: four great tales from talented storytellers through the Virus imprint. Fantasy, comedy, history and more, all at a fantastic price!

  • The Boy Who Conquered a Mountain by Jonathan Chance and Emilio Utrera

A young boy, Kaleb dreams of death and destruction, to find a day later the village of Little Rock devastated, destroyed by fire. Thrust and spurred on the young fledgling is sent on a quest to discover what happened amidst the heartache, horror of his loved ones in the tragedy. But, disaster is just the beginning as something more terrifying lurks onward... This is an action fantasy Kaiju story set in 1600's Japan that centers around Kaleb; a young boy who loses his family, home and village to a tragedy and sets upon a journey to discover what happened. The night before he prophetically dreams of such a disaster and the village destroyed reduced to ash. Unknowing of the true source of the tragic event at the request of his ailing grandfather Kaleb flees the village to set forth and rescue missing children on the mountain.

  • Never Never by Mark McCann and Phil Buckenham, trade paperback

Troubled teen Winter is seduced by Petros, off to the Never Never – where no one dies! Fun lasts forever. At least, that’s what he told her. Hunted across an island of immortal, cannibal’s, Winter must unravel the secret of the Never before she becomes its latest sacrifice. Peter Pan and Hunger Games meets Lord of the Flies in a survival horror for the new age.

  • Dotty's Inferno by Bob Fingerman, 2nd printing

As the goggle-eyed philosophical Frenchman once wrote, “Hell is other people.” Meet Dotty. In life she was a call girl. In death she’s been damned to work in Hell’s Inhuman Resources department, New Male Arrivals Division, assigning wayward souls their crummy afterlives. For eternity. All the same, Dotty spends more time away from her desk on odd jobs and adventures, be they fetching Cerberus from Hell’s dog pound to licking psychotropic toads’ heads and tripping ballz. Forever is a long time, so might as well make the best of a hellish situation. From the pages of Heavy Metal and Soft Wood, as well as five never-before-seen stories, Dotty’s Inferno is a roasty romp by MAD and Minimum Wage creator Bob Fingerman. Also included, a bonus gallery featuring “pin-ups” by John Cebollero, Howard Chaykin, Dave Johnson, Mike Mignola, Dan Panosian and Bill Sienkiewicz!

  • Whatzit, Book One by Gideon Kendall

Pimples, the scourge of adolescents everywhere, are actually portals through which creatures from another dimension derive voyeuristic pleasure by spying on the lives of human teenagers. This is the story of an unnamed refugee from this alien world and Scott, a horny and morose teenage boy languishing in 1970’s America. It is an inter-dimensional epic of pimples and porn, action, adolescence, and acne. You’ll never look in the mirror the same way again after reading WHATZIT.

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