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A dystopian space opera that straddles the threads of compassion, perseverance and humanity.  Three arks. Two worlds. One chance at survival. 

On an Earth with a dying Sun, there are two kinds of people. The Chosen. And the left behind.

We thought it was over. We thought we had lost. A burnt out star left us without enough warmth to thrive, our days as a species were numbered.

But then, then a miracle happened. We received a transmission from an alien civilization that scanned our Sun and knew we needed help. So they threw us a life raft in the form of designs for Space Arks, we built 3. Interstellar capable, with pre-programmed coordinates to bring us to their home world, a place we were told could be called home. 100,000 humans per Ark, chosen to represent the best in us, a last ditch effort to save humanity.

Do I trust these aliens? hell no. but what choice do we have?

Paulson’s the name, Caleb Paulson, you can think of me as the architect of this mission. We’re heading to this alien system with no idea what lies ahead.

As for the billions who were not so fortunate? The ones who did not receive an invitation aboard the arks?  We left them to shephard a lawless and desperate earth, poor bastards. This stable of arks is humanity's last chance to endure.

Created by: Hero Projects

Written by Matthew Medney and Morgan Rosenblum

Story by: Matthew Medney, Morgan Rosenblum, Voodoo Bownz, Jonny Handler

Art by: Francesco Pisa

Letters by: Ismail Nihad

Editorial Design: Voodoo Bownz

Produced by: Hero Projects and Tomato Farm

Published By Heavy Metal 

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