Fishkill : Issue 4
Fishkill : Issue 4
Fishkill : Issue 4
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Fishkill : Issue 4

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Dan Fogler, fan favorite actor in The Walking Dead and J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts, lends his writing talent to an original new comic book title, Fishkill, published by Heavy Metal. 

Fish Kill is a love story wrapped in a modern noir that takes our hero, Detective Bart Fishkill, so far down the conspiracy rabbit hole that he starts to question his own sanity even to the point of wondering whether if he isn’t the villain in the first place.

“With FISH KILL, Fogler, Blum, and Templesmith have created something special in a horrifying kind of way--a story of disaster and violence, hidden organizations and cults of personality, of madness and beauty and ugliness--and I simply can't help but follow the unfortunately-named title character down the rabbit hole”- Cullen Bunn  NYT Best-Selling Writer (BONE PARISH, HARROW COUNTY)


"Fishkill is a dark ride into an ex-soldier turned cop's insanity, through a tunnel of crime, terrorism, corruption, drugs, abuse and pure filth. Fogler paces the story with hard cuts and dark points punctuated by Ben Templesmith's brilliantly psychotic and engrossing artwork. Fans of both of these creators are in for a conspiracy ridden, PTSD laden nightmare of a treat, as they are firing on all cylinders." – Darick Robertson, (THE BOYS, HAPPY)


Out on February 24, 2021! 

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