Issue #296 Cover B - Deih

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Some say that today's most innovative artists are not hunched over a desk pouring their souls out onto dead-tree or a Wacom -- but spray-painting and wheatpasting them onto walls. Don't tell them where art doesn't belong, because that's exactly where they'll take it. In this issue we speak with leading artists Shepard Fairey and Hebru Brantley, and present a thrilling tale from Tristan Eaton (all three are cover artists as well). With unconventional storytelling from other creators, plus the latest by Richard Corben and Grant Morrison, this is one you don't want to miss!

Cover B - Deih

Guest Editorial by Ron English
In Charon’s Orbit,” art and words by Deih
The Rabbbits,” art and words by Ron English
Within One Minute Forward, Get The Brightest Days of Fortune,” art and words by Faith XLVII
Graffiti Pulp: 100% True Stories of Art Crime,” art and words by Tristan Eaton
Gallery and interview: Jessica Goldman Srebnik on Wynwood Walls
Dr. Nihil and the Tremendous Blunder” by Corentin Pedro, Mike Owen, Wendie Owen, Eric Ghoste and Jon Tanners
How Big of a Dick Are You?” art and words by Olek
The Smile of the Absent Cat” part 5, art by Gerhard, script by Grant Morrison
Gallery and interview: Hebru Brantley
The Language of Revolution,” art by Swoon, words by Stephanie Phillips
The Vandal,” art by Nick Walker, words by Joseph Keatinge, letters by Ferran Delgado
The Chronicles of a Brick Lady,” art by Lady Pink, words by Roger Smith and Matt O’Connor
Free Your Mind,” art and words by Nychos
Gallery and Interview: Shepard Fairey
"Murky World" chapter 10, by Richard Corben
Leap of Faith,” art by Beau Stanton, words by Abraham Martinez
In the Land of Umbra," art by Lurk, words by Cliff Dorfman and David Arquette


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