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1985 - 12 December 1985 (Very Good Condition)
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December 1985

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Cover by Ajin, photographed by Hero Ihara

Modern Image by Joost Swarte
Tex Arcana by John Findley
Jealous God by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Cadelo
Jessie, This Is Sahamis Base Calling by Carlos Gimenez
Rock Opera by Rod Kierkegaard, Jr.
The Duel by Al Voss
The Bus by Paul Kirchner
Foxxhole by Matt Howarth
HM's Hollywood Hell by Drew Friedman
Papa Superstar by Ribera
The Trial of Marlon Malone by Caza

The December 1985 cover is almost unique among HM art. Like the January 1979 issue, it features a photograph of a three-dimensional sculpture. All other HM covers are either paintings or color line drawings except for two that showcase photographs of people.


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