Issue #284 - Luis Royo Cover

Issue #284 - Luis Royo Cover

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Grant Morrison continues his reign as Editor-in-Chief by contributing a new story to shock and outrage! It's a tale of sword, sorcery, and psychopaths in The Savage Sword of Jesus Christ! Also on deck is the first chapter of Eniki Bilal's "The Color of Air" and the continuation of Salsa Invertebraxa by Mozchops and Zentropa by John Mahoney.


Cover A is by Luis Royo and stars Heavy Metal's iconic warrior queen Taarna.

Cover B is a painted cover featuring a sword wielding take on the Christ by famed painter Ken Kelly (Kiss "Destroyer" and "Love Gun" album covers).

Cover C... well, that's the best surprise of all! - Derek Riggs is the Iron Maiden album cover artist and creator of their iconic character Eddie.

In addition to being available online here, Cover A - Luis Royo will be distributed to Comic Shops and Subscribers.


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