Savage Circus Unstable: Heavy Metal Elements
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Savage Circus Unstable: Heavy Metal Elements

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Lewis Savage, the mad ringleader of the deadliest circus on earth brings his madness across the good ole US Of A by locomotive, aint that something. Crowds gather from far and wide to witness these monstrosities. There have been no accidents.... No Savage encounters if i may...

that is Until now....

It's Christmas Eve in Basin Bay. A small mining town, built into the side of a mountain. Only one road leads in or out. poor folk, they really had no chance.

Easy pickings for Ricketts and his gang.

The band of hooligans looked to Shut down the power, cut the phone lines, steal the town's cash and got the hell out.

Easy peasy. Right?

Not when the Circus is in town my dear friends.

A flawless heist leaves Ricketts Band of rebels in the Christmas spirit, but on their way out of Basin Bay their armored car is SLAMMED into by the out-of-control Savage Circus' train car, releasing the animals and blocking the only way out of town.

Total and utter Bedlam.

Deputy Brady Harrison is Basin Bay's last hope as he fights through hordes of barbaric beasts trying and catch the crew that robbed his town.

There's not going to be presents under the tree this Christmas Morning, just gnawed off arms and chewed up legs.

Collects issues 1-4  of the series, now in comic book format.


(W) Brendan Columbus (A/CA) Al Barrionuevo

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