Savage Circus Issue #1: Heavy Metal Elements Reprint
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Savage Circus Issue #1: Heavy Metal Elements Reprint

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A gang of criminals descending into the town of Basin Bay on Christmas Eve. They pull off the perfect heist and are high tailing it out of there when they collide with a runaway train! The train cars scatter, blocking the only way in or out of town. What is worse? The train was a circus car, but not just any circus, it was the SAVAGE CIRCUS, a collection of Earth’s deadliest man-killers. Each animal has a horrific backstory and an urge to kill. Now Deputy Brady Harrison must navigate through a city of deranged animals, psychotic criminals and the crazed ringleader Lewis Savage to save his town and protect its citizens!

23 pp + Extras

Creator/Writer Brendan Columbus

Artist: Alejandro Barrionuevo

Colorist: Candice Han


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