Heavy Metal Presents, American Beauties by Greg Hildebrandt 2023
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Heavy Metal Presents, American Beauties by Greg Hildebrandt 2023

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The American Beauties calendar is a collection of retro inspired pinups by world-renowned artist Greg Hildebrandt. This calendar features 13 exquisitely rendered paintings that harken back to the days of pulp noir yet with a decidedly modern take.

The American Beauties by Greg Hildebrandt pinup calendar was created by world-renowned Artist and illustrator Greg Hildebrandt. Hildebrandt gained international recognition for creating the original Star Wars Poster, the record setting 1976, ‘77 & ‘78 Tolkien Lord of the Rings calendars and of course The American Beauties Pinup Series. 

Featuring a collection of 13 exquisitely rendered retro-inspired pinup paintings with a decidedly modern take, The American Beauties pinup calendar is like no other. While the series gives a subtle nod to the masters of pinup such as Vargas and Elvgren, Hildebrandt has taken the genre and created something uniquely his own. Each painting goes beyond surface level cheesecake to tell a story that is both rich and compelling. American Beauties harkens back to the days of the pulp noir classics. Chock full of powerful sexy women, shady characters lurking in the shadows and the occasional mad scientist! Each image invites the viewer to go deeper, to become a part of the story, not just as an outside observer but as an active participant of the narrative. As an added bonus, the American Beauties calendar features quotes from famous starlets, actors and pinup models that are sure to make you laugh and think. This calendar is destined to be a collector’s item that will surely hang on walls long after the year is out.

*Will not be shipped until September 2022.*

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