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July 1991

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Cover by Olivia de Berardinis

Gallery: Jim Burns

Nogegon by Francois Schuiten and Luc Schuiten
Doublee V In All Dead Men Wear Toupees by Daniel Torres
Burton and Cyb in Brother Can You Spare A Dime? by Antonio Segura and Jose Ortiz
The Warrior's Repose by Francois Boucq
Modern World by Peter Kuper
Dreams of Reason by Peter Kuper
The New Frontier by John Sabljic and Michael Cherkas

If the girl in Olivia's illo for this covers seems familiar...especially to afficionados of 1950s pinups...it's because she's based on the incredible Betty (or Bettie) Page, whose image is second only to that of Marilyn Monroe in the hearts of those who grew up in the decade prior to the 1960s

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