<!---2013 06--->Issue #263

Issue #263

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Heavy Metal heats up the summer with issue #263, featuring a stunning cover and gallery by fantasy fan favorite artist Mike Hayes, the return of Bilal's hit serialized 'Animal'Z' graphic novel, as well as a selection of short stories from the world's top talents including Stefano Cardoselli, Memo Diaz, Homero Rios, Abraham Martinez, Alberto Casadio, Ernesto Yip, Gregory Brown, Tommaso Bennato and an artists studio focus on the work of Rafael Rivera.

112 pages full color

Page Title Credits
0 Cover
16 Project Sefiroth
24 Gallery
31 Beginning and Ending
51 The Nature of All Things
59 The Eternity is Only an Instant
67 Megarobot
79 The Axe
88 Artist's Studio
95 The Asencion
103 The Nephthys Chronicles
114 Back Cover

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