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May 2006 (Requiem)

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Cover by Koveck
8. Galactic Geographic by Karl Kofoed
11. Gallery on Davide Furno
16. Dossier by S.C. Ringgenberg
20. Mudwogs #9 Writer / Artist Arthur Suydam
28. Revelation: Uncle Paul's Wonderful Glasses by Autheman
30. Glam & Comet: Next! by Riff and Abuli
35. Requiem #4: The Vampires Dance by Mills and Ledroit
59. Warriors Way by Steven MnMoorn
71. The First Time by Mezzo and Pirus
80. The Adventures of Arthur McKnife:
Pyramid Rock `n' Roll

Writer: Andrea Antonazzo
Artist: Raffaele Marinetti
Colorist: Giovanni Ventre
90. Imph 10 by Pepijn Berghout and Stephen St. Laurent
119. Artist's Studio on David Palumbo
124. Back CoverPopeye Wong

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