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December 1977

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From the biker Papa Noel, an original "Metal Hurlant" cover by Jean Sole to "Den" by Corben, "Vuzz" by Druillet, "Close Encounters" by Spielberg, "Fortune's Fool" by Howard Chaykin, "Mauve Slideshow" by Zha & Claveloux and "Black Thursday" by Moebius this is one packed issue.

We have a limited supply of these in our warehouse - these issues are water damaged so there are stains on some pages but its a classic from the year Heavy Metal was launched and hard to find. We are making these classic dinged and dented copies available due to demand!!

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Page Title Credits
1 Cover Jean Sole
98 Back Cover Howard Chaykin
4 Regardless...
7 Den Richard Corben
15 Vuzz Philippe Druillet
39 Telefield Sergio Macedo
48 Close Encounters of the Third Kind Steven Spielberg
52 Fortune's Fool Howard Chaykin
Len Wein
61 The Mauve Sideshow Nicole Claveloux
Edith Zha
66 Black Thursday Moebius

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