Welcome Back!

To our supporters, fans, customers and friends…

Building a brand from the bottom up is a difficult challenge. Breathing life and innovation into an institution like Heavy Metal; taking its 45-year history and making it palatable for today, during a pandemic none the less, has made some days seem like a herculean feat. And yet, it has also been one of the most interesting and emotionally rewarding experiences of our lives. 

If the events of the last two years have proven anything at all to us at Heavy Metal, it’s that we truly have the greatest and most loyal fans. Of course, every brand likes to say this, but very few have 5 decades of history and devotion to believe it true.

Throughout a pandemic, a supply chain crisis and some massive customer service issues (all of which we have rectified by removing personnel issues); your passion for Heavy Metal never wavered, even if your faith in us, as the keepers of this legacy, may have. 

We’re beyond relived to have put many of those issues behind us and restored a bit of your faith, because we’ve got some incredible things in store. And, speaking of stores, you’re reading this on our brand-new reimagined shop, which we couldn’t be more excited to share with you all.

This new and improved shop is the start of our rollout in design, processes, and product based on all the feedback we’ve soaked in over the last years. Not to mention, the improvements made behind the scenes, as the first step in our e-commerce evolution. 

Our plans don’t stop here. We’ll be rolling out new merchandise, collaborations and some major innovations before the year is up. We think you’ll be more than pleased.

We can assure you that over the last 2+ years we have never been complacent or have taken your passion for granted. We have been working tirelessly on social media, Discord, or in person at conventions, to fix the problems we find and provide you the best version of Heavy Metal that is possible.

We know we can count on you to keep us on the pulse about how you are feeling, or what you want to see from Heavy Metal. It’s not a responsibility we take lightly.

Thank you for keeping the faith. It truly keeps us moving forward and never be anything less than you are.

Rock on,

Matthew Medney

CEO Heavy Metal Magazine

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